About the Book

Remember the 60s?

If you've been to the Testimony page, you may be impressed what by what many prominent people have had to say about the generational memoir and tell-all, Confessions from Generation Woodstock by William Seavey.

This is a "handmade" book, 8 1/2" x 11", with one FULL COLOR 11" X 17" POSTER enclosed of Woodstock's stars (both in the audience and on stage!), possibly including Joan Baez, Ravi Shankar, John Sebastian, or Guru Marharashi Mahesh Yogi. Samples can be found in the gallery HERE. These posters can either be individually framed or mounted in one large frame together.

They are among the best photos of Woodstock ever uncovered (they were shot while the photographer was a photo intern with Newsweek Magazine--but he was "unofficial" at the time and Newsweek does not own them). First publication occurred during the 40th anniversary in a Central California coast alternative weekly, New Times.

This collection and the memoir is also seeking a formal, "mainstream" publisher but in the meantime it is available as described for $25 including postage and handling:
Checks to Bill Seavey, P.O. Box 1681, Cambria, CA 93428, or buy immediately via PayPal:

Every book is autographed, and you can request a specific message if you wish.